About Us

Mr. Wizard’s Hops is family owned and operated.

About us: John is a third generation farmer.  Stahl Farms was previously approximately 80 acres in size, and currently is farmed with soybeans or wheat on 39 acres. Included on the farm, John and Rose have a road side farm cart and fill it with home grown farm fresh fruits, veggies and flowers.  Mr. Wizard’s  has 22 acres of hops planted;  specializing in Neomexicanus varieties including our award winning Neo 1’s and Multi Head,  Aztec, Hydra, Mackinac, Hallertau, Amallia, Centennial, Nugget, Teamaker, and also networking with other growers in Michigan to bring you the finest quality hops. Mr. Wizard’s also now has cider apple trees at the farm too! John is a retired help desk technician at Anderson’s in Maumee, Ohio and works to keep all the equipment functioning.  Rose manages the marketing and business end in Michigan.  

 Please contact us at mrwizardshops@gmail.com