2021 Emerald Spire ™ T-90 Hop Pellets


2021 Emerald Spire Hop pellets sold by Mr. Wizards Hops

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Emerald Spire ™ hops are Pleasant, Fruit forward and Delicious.  If the smell of the cones doesn’t make your mouth water the first sip of any beer with this hop as the star of the show sure will.

ALPHA: 9.09%
BETA: 3.65%

Cohumulone:     38%
Colupulone:     64.7%
Myrcene:   35.01%
Linolool:       .91%
Geraniol:       .43%
Farnesene:     .29%
Caryophyllene:     7.52%
Humulene:     11.43%
​Total Oil/100g:          1.51

Aromas Identified by Brewers :

​Smarties, Juicy Fruit, Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon, White Grape, Watermelon, Bubble Gum, Nutty, Very Ripe Peach, Fruit Punch, Honeydew

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Ounce, Pound, 11 LBs

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