2022 Aztec ™ T-90 Hop Pellets


2021 Aztec Hop pellets sold by Mr. Wizards Hops

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Aztec™ has risen from the ashes as the most unique among her neomexicanus sisters.

Great Lakes Hops – Aztec

ALPHA: 4.78% BETA: 3.75%

Cohumulone:    40.4%
Colupulone:     67.1%
Myrcene:  51.52%
Linolool:       .73%
Geraniol:       1.63%
Farnesene:     .23%
Caryophyllene:    19.18%
Humulene:     3.56%
​Total Oil/100g:          1.44

Aromas Identified by Brewers : LEMON, Pepper, Herbal, Spice Cilantro, Lime zest, Lemon Candy, Jalapeno

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Ounce, Pound, 11 LBs

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