Beer Bomb™


Mr. Wizard’s Beer Bomb™



Mr Wizard’s own Beer Bomb™! Drop one into a pint of your favorite brew to enhance the hop characteristics. This bomb will add a tremendous amount of hop aroma and flavor to your beer. No, it will not increase the ABV.  Each pack includes a beer bomb holder too!

Each 4 pack includes:

(1) Cascade Bomb for use in Pale Ales
(1) Centennial Bomb  for use in IPAs
(1) Neo1 Bomb for use in Double IPAs
(1) Southern Brewer Bomb for use in Pilsners

6pk also includes:   Please choose at checkout

(6) Cascade Bomb for use in Pale Ales or

(6) Centennial Bomb  for use in IPAs

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Refunds: Please contact us if there is a problem with your items


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