A quick Wizard Update

Here’s a quick update from the Wizard.

We are finishing up the cedar benches for the greenhouse. It’s been a long process but, we’re completely happy with how things have turned out.

More poles have been ordered and delivery will be soon. We’re going to install them as soon as the weather breaks. Thinking about going with a v system for these poles.

We will be spending time with Great Lakes Hops in Zeeland, MI for some valuable research and learning soon. Also planning on visiting a few other hop farms in March.

It’s time for classes at Michigan State. If you’re interested growing hops, these classes are for you. Very educational and a great source to meet some of the best hop growers in the state.

We have a new phone number for Mr. Wizard’s Hops. You can now call us at 734-868-0171

Keep watching us as we Grow!


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