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Wizard Spring 2015 Update!

It’s been awhile since we last updated so, sit back and enjoy…

Well shortly after we got the greenhouse up and running, we built our planters benches. Got all of our fruits and veggies growing nicely. We also started a handful of hops early

greenhouse hops

Just when we thought it was break time, a delivery of 140 new poles arrived. They ended up getting bundled wrong so, it was a chore loading them off of the semi!

pole delivery

We waited until the field was somewhat dry to start putting them up. Thankfully we had Alex’s help with the installation. Got them all up in about a week!

more poles poles 2

Oh yeah, we also installed about 1000ft of drainage too…



The hop wagon got completed.





And today…. despite the rain, we picked up 1,300+ hop plants from Great Lakes Hops.

hops2 hops1


Stay tuned for another update!

~Mr. Wizard