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2016 hops are fully stocked!

All of our 2016 crop is available to purchase in our online store. Each comes in 1oz, 4oz, or 1lb sizes. All of our packaged hops are purged with Nitrogen and vacuum sealed.

  • Neo1 – An experimental neomexicanus breed with a very potent lemon-citrus character. 8.41% Alpha Acid – SOLD OUT
  • Columbia – All purpose breed with crisp pineapple with bright, lemony citrus notes. 9.41% Alpha Acid – SOLD OUT
  • Centennial – A bittering hop with strong floral and citrus aroma. Often referred to as “super cascade”. 8.6% Alpha Acid    – SOLD OUT
  • Southern Brewer – A bittering hop with earthy and woody tones. Originating in Africa and a spin-off of Fuggle. 8.8% Alpha Acid  -SOLD OUT

All of our hops are quality tested at Karslab and AAR Testing.