2020 Wizard Update

Hello Everyone!
We have started working on the 2020 growing season.  We are very excited that our hops have been featured in some many great breweries around the world.  #WeGrowYourBeerHere    Check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

We also had a great yield from our new tenants in the hop yard, Our Bees! We were able to offer Mr. Wizard’s Hop Farm Honey. We love them so much we are adding some more hives. Looking forward to a great season with good friends, family and some great beer!

Keep watching us grow!

Cheers,  John, Rose and the Crew


Mr Wizards Hop Honey





Wizard Update

Construction in Pole Barn 2 is underway and Progress continues in the Hop Yard! We are pretty proud of all the hard work that is going on at the Farm. As we are getting ready for Harvest 2017, We like to remind everyone we are proud members of Hop Growers of Michigan, USA Hops, The Farm Bureau of Monroe County Family and the Monroe Muskrat Mashers! Keep watching us Grow…. Cheers

2016 hops are fully stocked!

All of our 2016 crop is available to purchase in our online store. Each comes in 1oz, 4oz, or 1lb sizes. All of our packaged hops are purged with Nitrogen and vacuum sealed.

  • Neo1 – An experimental neomexicanus breed with a very potent lemon-citrus character. 8.41% Alpha Acid – SOLD OUT
  • Columbia – All purpose breed with crisp pineapple with bright, lemony citrus notes. 9.41% Alpha Acid – SOLD OUT
  • Centennial – A bittering hop with strong floral and citrus aroma. Often referred to as “super cascade”. 8.6% Alpha Acid    – SOLD OUT
  • Southern Brewer – A bittering hop with earthy and woody tones. Originating in Africa and a spin-off of Fuggle. 8.8% Alpha Acid  -SOLD OUT

All of our hops are quality tested at Karslab and AAR Testing.

Beer Bombs are in stock!

Mr. Wizard’s official Beer Bombs are in stock! 

ATTENTION HOP HEADS! You will want to pay attention to this.

What the hell is a Beer Bomb™ you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple – it’s a tea bag packed full of our hops, that you drop in your favorite pint of beer. These bombs will extremely intensify any beer you choose to drink. Hop aromas and flavors are off the charts!

beer bombs mr wizards hops

Our beer bombs feature hops that we grow right here on the farm. Cascade, centennial, perle, and Neo1 – each has very distinct flavors.

If you’re interested in seeing what these bombs are all about, please head to our online store to purchase some. Each pack comes with 6 bombs.




Wizard Spring 2015 Update!

It’s been awhile since we last updated so, sit back and enjoy…

Well shortly after we got the greenhouse up and running, we built our planters benches. Got all of our fruits and veggies growing nicely. We also started a handful of hops early

greenhouse hops

Just when we thought it was break time, a delivery of 140 new poles arrived. They ended up getting bundled wrong so, it was a chore loading them off of the semi!

pole delivery

We waited until the field was somewhat dry to start putting them up. Thankfully we had Alex’s help with the installation. Got them all up in about a week!

more poles poles 2

Oh yeah, we also installed about 1000ft of drainage too…



The hop wagon got completed.





And today…. despite the rain, we picked up 1,300+ hop plants from Great Lakes Hops.

hops2 hops1


Stay tuned for another update!

~Mr. Wizard

A quick Wizard Update

Here’s a quick update from the Wizard.

We are finishing up the cedar benches for the greenhouse. It’s been a long process but, we’re completely happy with how things have turned out.

More poles have been ordered and delivery will be soon. We’re going to install them as soon as the weather breaks. Thinking about going with a v system for these poles.

We will be spending time with Great Lakes Hops in Zeeland, MI for some valuable research and learning soon. Also planning on visiting a few other hop farms in March.

It’s time for classes at Michigan State. If you’re interested growing hops, these classes are for you. Very educational and a great source to meet some of the best hop growers in the state.

We have a new phone number for Mr. Wizard’s Hops. You can now call us at 734-868-0171

Keep watching us as we Grow!


Kickoff Party

Our official company kick off party will be November 28th in our brand new greenhouse on the Stahl Farm. We will have homebrews featuring our hop varieties, snacks, and good hop growing conversation. Here’s the beer list:

1.) IPA : Brewed with Wizard’s Centennial and Cascade hops. Using 2-row and Crystal 60 malt. Dry hopped with Wizard’s cascade hops. ABV 4.8%

2.) Pumpkin Ale : Brewed with Wizard’s Magnum hops. Using 2lbs of fresh Michigan pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar. ABV TBD

3.) DIPA : Brewed with Wizard’s Centennial and Cascade hops, along with fresh Citra and Galaxy varieties. ABV TBD

Please RSVP here: http://on.fb.me/1xadjyR


Greenhouse Almost Complete

We’re nearing completion of our brand new greenhouse. Perfect timing because the weather is getting pretty cold (it snowed up north on Monday). The gas and water lines are already in place – ready to warm this beauty up all winter long. We’re expecting 300+ more hop rhizomes for next season. The greenhouse will play a big part in getting them prepped for good yield.